Friday, October 22, 2010

QPR in America: QPR's Game at Bristol City Today Show on American Cable


QPR's game today (Kick off GMT, 7:45pm) is being shown live on American TV (I believe on Setanta and Fox Soccer)

Meanwhile a reminder/renewed invitation to QPR Supporters wherever in the world you are: To visit and/or post on the rapidly-growing QPR Report Messageboard: It's truly an international board, where being an overseas fan in no way puts a restraint on your "right" to post about QPR. Besides the UK moderators, there are also three overseas moderators on three different continents!

The QPR Report blog and QPR Report Messageboard stats show literally hundreds of visitor to the board from the United States of America. (See QPR Report Messageboard Stats)

- Come post on the growing, truly-International, QPR and football-only QPR Report Messageboard

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