Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9 Posts: "Bernie's in a Hurry"....Nygaard Turns 32

Another day at Loftus Road!

- QPR's Change in Fortune: Alarm and Depression From One Corner -

- QPR Perspectives of Connolly, Mahon, Ephraim and Ainsworth.

- QPR's Manchester United Loanee Leaves Open Certain Possibilities

- Hell No We Won't Go!

- Tonight's Reserve Lineup... Chris Day Operation... Club Programme Praised.

- Rowan Vine One Year Ago: Signing for Birmingham

- QPR snippets: "Bernie's in a Hurry"...Marc Nygaard Turns 32

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QPR Alive said...

Express article is pure rubbish. Has he ever sat in the visitors sections at Anfield Man.U. Selhurst Park? There were many very wealthy clubs before Abramovich. how did Reading get into the prem?? Lets see him strugle to make a living at the express and be satisfied in hardly any readership.